SOMEBODY HELP!!!Keep crashing when exporting Collada.

Hi guys,

I used to use blender 2.49b to export collada format model for my application, but it turns out the exporter seems to be too old and the mesh and skeleton cannot be parented properly. When I think I have got new hope by trying exporter in 2.5a, it just keep crashing and the Visual Studio runtime debugger popped up said there is “An unhandled win32 exception occurred in blender.exe[3848]”. My model is loaded directly using .mhx file from MakeHuman which I think is worth being recommended.

Could anybody who have such experience take a look at what the hell was going on with it.
With many thanks in advance!!!

PS:sorry, it seems to be too big(6.9mb),could someone please leave me a email address if you are interested