Somebody is selling blender

I know that i am new to this forum. But the other day a friend of mine were on ebay and we noticed that somebody was selling a modeling program called blender. I am a big supporter of open source and lots of my friends use blender. But I was just wondering if anybody knew if this program is blender or just something with the same name which i believe i also illegal. Anyways i can’t model i only program but i don’t like people selling open source stuff so if you guys could check it out or whatever.


link to the page

Not only is that blender, they used artwork from people on this forum to advertise it. What jerks these guys are, charging people for what is free.

Ah hmm well my friend contacted blender. I checked through the guys eBay store he sells open office to as well. Kinda of an asshole really i mean people buy it when they could just Google it and hey its free. Me and my friend were searching for graphic programs. When we happened to come across it. I hope that guy get a letter from blender.


Hey raven. Yeah we found this while searching e-bay. I have only used blender a bit, but I recognized blender was a free open source project, and was a little worried that this person is selling this. I reported this to blender by e-mail as well just a few minutes ago, I don’t know who to contact at Ebay for this, but I hope this gets taken care of.

yeah, & thats not all, comes with comprehensive documentation. Program valued at $400.
he sells open office, designworkshop & much more.
Just another scumbag.

Yeah I noticed that as well, he has some other free programs he is selling as well, I hope not to many people have fallen for it. :no:

It is legal to sell it (if source code is somehow provided too). Not legal to use artwork without permission tho.

Nothing new. You’ll find a few other threads here about this person (and others) if you search. :frowning:

Yeah the thing that annoys me is not the selling blender, its the using copyrighted artwork. If they did their own art to sell it then i’d be more than happy.


Ton has mentioned this in an article. Check the blender website:

Hmm wonder how he got so many positive feedback comments. Maybe we should change that ;P…

I guess someone could report the item to eBay? After all it is incorrect when it says “save $400”…

well i suppose i should let robert know that some clown stole his artwork.

I think I reported this to eBay… I have an account but I’ve never bought anything there… too annoying!

Edit: um, just to clarify, I really did fill in a form with the URL in question and a short description of the issue (deceptive, probably using 3rd part artwork without permission). What I don’t know is whether I did anything that will make a difference in the “eBay culture”.

I believe the copyright holder must be the one to complain – if anyone knows who the authors are, please ask them to report the issue to eBay themselves.

These “selling Blender for money” ploys aren’t new, they’ve been around for a while.

I do think someone should leave a comment leaving a link to the download page when this happens.

I’ve been wondering for a while now, would it perhaps be possible to include some kind of dialogue into Blender that will pop up a message when a user performs an action for the first time (like opening or saving a file) along the lines of “Blender is free software, and no payment is mandated to use it. If you paid for this software then you were ripped off” along with a link to the eBay complaints procedure? I’m sure the guys who are selling it scan the source for references to the program’s true identity but as they are obviously lazy bastards it should be possible to obfuscate code to do this without too much effort.

It’s actually encouraged to sell open-source software. SInce most people don’t use oss in my country I might do it too, but of course the price would not be for the software.


I think oss should only be sold under conditions where something extra is added, or where the distribution is done via solid media and not the web…

As for selling blender, it’s not a bad thing, if done for the right reasons and under those conditions.

Otherwise, it’s a rip off…

rolandixor, it is one thing, selling OSS or rather charging for distribution, so long as all the correct requirements are met.
It is another, fraudulently saying you save $400 on the purchase of the software, posting other peoples images without permissions, and in this particular case supply or claim to supply comprehensive documentation, which, given the perpetrators disregard for legality, is most likely more stolen work.

The original eBay link now points to something else entirely… but from the same seller.

I heard back from eBay… “thank you…” and a pointer to their Intellectual Property Protection page:

Sigh… yet one more reason I don’t ever use eBay… or understand why people do. :frowning:

By the way, if you missed out on getting your $400 copy of Blender, you can still get a copy of GIMP for $9.99…

Correction: He’s still offering Blender; the URL is different, and it’s down to $9.99.

Here’s one of the images he’s using (I think):

Did somebody contact RobertT?

i hate assholes like this :stuck_out_tongue:
if robert T disagrees to the use of him image and someone senior in the foundation disagrees to him selling blender sureley we can stop this fraud?

cmon peeps.
free as in beer, remeber ? :slight_smile:

lets help some people :wink:

//charlie - my “2 cents”