Somebody Please Answer - Blender Question !

hey guys, quick question, from the image below you can see that although the plane should have a high voltage sign on it, it only has a portion of the image on it. (a yellow corner)
is there a possible way for me to resize the image or something so that it fits the plane nicely.

please help !

thanks. :o


UV map the image onto the panel and then switch the texture’s map input (on the “material buttons”)to “UV” instead of orco.

Another possible way is to goto the Material buttons (f9) panel, then find the Material button sub context button. There you will see a panel with 3 tabs called “Texture”,“Map input”,“Map to”. In the map input tab you can change the texture dimensions and its offset size using the sizeX, SizeY, SizeZ and OfsX, OfsY, OfsZ, respectively.

See screen shot, the area is highlighted in yellow, my theme is different so the colors wont match but the panel locations and names will.

There are lots of ways of messing with texture positioning and dimensions, this is just one way.


yet another way that I use for doing decals on big walls and things I dont want to UVunwrap:
Put and empty where you want the image centered, and in the MapInput panel(same as the previous post) set “Object” and put the name of the Empty in.