Somehow a Color Bleed effect.

Moguri and Kupoman are working on GE( Harmony branch if i am right) and i just got the build they just released.
It features some cool stuff, shadow texture, clean shadow panel etc.
I used the shadow texture (light cookies if i am right) to achieve this color bleed effect.
It was done just for fun, so there are some issues.
The best part is that no scripts are needed, no framerate impact at all!!
Use wheel up and wheel down to rotate the cubes.

In order to see the blend file you need the build found here

If the build wont start rename the vcomp90.dll to vcomp100.dll.



COLOR BLEED.blend (630 KB)

I check this out when a harmony linux build is available - looks good in the screenshot!

Ahh, Linux user.
There must appear a Linux build soon!

It’s looking pretty good. I am glad I came to

But how would this Technique differ in any Way from simply puttin’ Diffuse Lights into the Objects? (which I have already tried with a rather fancy Result, but I found it not astonishin’ enough…)

Looks interesting.

@C.A. ligari - It seems far faster than putting individual lights into each object.

@BlendingBGE - How are you doing it, BlendingBGE? I don’t see any spotlights or light cookies… In fact, I don’t see a whole lot of anything, other than it working.

A light on each object will decrease the framerate.

Un hide and u will see a spot lamp with texture on it.No big deal but a lamp with texture patented to cubes.
The main problem is that if the object is tall the effect won’t be the same…looking unrealistic.

That’s awesome-looking, man. There are a lot of possibilities with light cookies. The tall object issue would be a problem, though. Still, light cookies are highly useful techniques.

Yes, tall objects will be the main problem, but maybe i can find a way to make it work properly.
Anyway, light cookies are amazing!

It would be awesome it such a texture could be generated autmatically! something like dynamic paint… ?
But the result is nice!
I need to experiment with this feature ^^

Yeah, one thing that comes to mind is dynamic lighting without actual dynamic lights, like what BlendingBGE is doing. Some old games used multiply blending mode to draw a texture over the screen to simulate lighting - white circles would be present for places around torches, and the game would automatically swap out the white for transparent, making ‘dynamic lighting’. This is very similar.

If you used a camera spaced over a black area with a white circle for each light object that followed the objects’ view position, created a video texture from that, and used that for the light cookie, it would be ‘dynamic’ lights.

Well yeah, but thats a lot to do and it wont worth, i still like to use the “real” lighting and i still wait for inferred lighting and soft shadow.

‘It wont worth’? You mean it wouldn’t work or it’s not worth it? I recently did a test utilizing this that looked pretty good, and I’d like to look into it more so. Real lighting is nice, but alternatives are always good. You don’t have to use real scene-wide shadows and the most advanced shaders this side of CryTek, for example - you just have to convince the user that you are. :wink:

Still, I see where you’re coming from. Inferred or deferred lighting and soft shadows would really help give some awesome visuals.

Maybe you can leave me some screenshots with it, but yes you are right, the visual result and fps matters.
Anyway, like i said…i cant wait for infered lighting, still you can do so many with light cookies.