Somehow I made these procedural textures

Not sure what I was doing, but somehow I ended up with these procedural textures. :eek:

ProcPatternTest1.blend (125 KB)

Anyone think they can improve on them somehow?

Renders? (For ease of viewing)

Neat stuff. I had no idea you could make stars like that. Only downside here is it’s only 39 stars.

Cool - you should add them to this thread :smiley:

Yeah was having a bit of fun. And a mild bit of April 1st in there. (No luck on joke replies though. Was hoping for at least one.)

However it’s still neat that it’s quite possible to get geometric patterns with only nodes, which is a common thing seen in country flags - so why not? (Wasn’t going for full correctness, but enough to get the idea.)

hehehe… was going to write…:

“Soon to be 51… 52… 53… collapse… make another, new one!”
thanks, nice work