someone asked dragon?

(vlk_) #1


i’ve been watching #blenderchat and someone mentioned dragon modelling (actually he wanted tutorial on this). While not having tutorial, it inspired me, and so i sit for this quick project (hey, i realize all i do is quick projects :wink: ) - hopefully i’ll manage to stick to this one, and possibly finish it, but so far, it’s WIP. I used subsurf in the begining, but then i got normals messed up, and there came that famous subsurf fragments, so i had to switch to simple poly, and subdivide/smooth for render. So far, about 1 hour spent at project.

comments welcome.

Petr (vlk_)

(hannibar) #2

Not bad at all. The chin is a little square though, and the nose needs some work too. The lighting isn’t perfect either, to many white spots.
For the rest, very nice, nice shapes, there is much depth in your model.
I like it.

(Bapsis) #3

Hey vlk,
That was me, been itchen to do a dragon for a little while now and was asking about 'em in #blenderchat.
Yours is looking really good, your going to continue on and make the rest of it i hope. :wink:
Since you showed me yours, i’ll show you mine:

Thats only about 45 mins to an hours worth of blending i did last night before i went to bed. We’ll see what happens with it, if i keep on modeling this one or take a different approach to the head.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Pooba) #4

That’s looking good! I think there are white spots because it’s a white dragon :wink: .


(Ecks) #5

The two dragon are cool! nice modelling guys! I hope you will do the body…