Someone else feeling more bound to API than to Design

I am doing now Blender for 1 1/2 years. For all the time a failed to make something worthy to show in the gallery. All the time i start something, it ends up in writing python-scripts.

At the moment i am working on a script, that turns parts of a mesh into a nurb-surface in intention to gain a better control of smooth surfaces instead of leaving all to catmull-clark an pray for an appreciate transform.

But the main problems remains: i am bound more to API than to GUI, my WIP are code and not meshes.

So far, no problem, blender is about design, and i design code. But i wonder - am i the only one who uses blender for it’s juice programm output ?

I’m finding that myself actually. In Maya, I hardly ever used the code features as I didn’t feel a need to but in Blender, it’s quite a lot. I have to say that I don’t mind though because I actually like having such a powerful development in Blender and the Python API is getting better all the time. It’s also a great choice of language. I still have time to do some graphical stuff but like you nothing that I would say is good enough for posting as a finished piece.

Everyone has their strengths. In my years of using Blender, I have posted only like one finished project. My strength is in teaching, writing, and compositing.

Art is art, no matter what form it takes, so maybe you don’t have graphic art milestones to show, but what wonderful little works you have in your code - I’m sure the other coders here can appreciate that?
And congratulations, becaus esome of us are API illiterate and can only make attempts at the graphic.