Someone I know died.

It was earlier today. She was 29. We had a bunch of rain and she hydroplaned (slid on water on the road), then across the median side-ways, into a semi-truck (trolley), evidently crashing on the drivers side. She probably died instantly.

It’s really weird. I don’t really know her, but I know her family a bit more. We’re related.

You are … in shock. Right now. But … you are not … alone.

We know, too. We have been there, with you. We grieved. And so, we grieve. :frowning:

She had no time to think. She was thrust beyond “this mortal coil” in a matter of seconds. And, for a very substantial piece of time now, “we humans who remain” will not comprehend it. We do not yet even fathom our loss: all that, alas, is yet to come.

But, for now, cling to this: albeit “in a matter of seconds, and quite without warning,” she was thrust entirely through The Barrier, and: Beyond it. (Right now, she might be as-much or more confused as you are!) But, nevertheless: there is no human body there, therefore there is no pain there. She did not, but briefly, feel pain. And she will never feel physical pain again.

As for you… :frowning:

Cling to those who are near to you, in this time. Those who remain on this Side.

And, know that virtually every person whom you have ever “met” on this forum . . . Understands.

She’s ghost right now.

That’s very sad, very sad… Let her family and friends have the courage to go on with their lives, is going to be very tough.

@lucas: How do you know? Hopefully she’s in heaven! @henrymop: I am really sorry to hear the news, may she rest in peace.


Condolences to her friends and family.

Robin Williams

I’m sorry for your loss but I know you’ll make it.