someone is hacking blender

When i press a in blender it does not select all the cubes.I believe i am being hacked.Is their a way to detect it?

yes, wear this kind of hat and post it here:

Are you in object mode?

Yes i was in object mode.

check in outliner if the selectable icon is on for each cube. ( 3 little icons in a row next to the name of the cube, meaning view enabled, select enabled, render enabled)

It is working now but sometimes i cannot select all the cubes by pressing a.That seems like hacking to me.I will do what you typed if a acures

love the hat …where do I BUY one ???

TARGET, of course :evilgrin:

The cure for a hacked copy of Blender is to delete it from you computer (uninstall) then download a fresh copy from

Make sure you get it from the official Blender site:, and not one of the wannabes: or or or any of the other sites that redistribute their own version of Blender with possible ad ware or malware included.

(This has been a public service announcement for anyone clicking on the title because they think it may have happened to them, too :wink: )

is 3D magic still at it? I remember one time that guy actually came by the forum, and made excuses for what he was doing, after I noticed he had stolen artwork from this forum ( from robertT ) to advertise his bastardized blender clone.

If you mean me.I am not him.What do you mean really?

I don’t really know, but does anything really ever go away on the internet? Those three were the ones I remembered off the top of my head.

@lostscience: no it’s not you. we know that. Modron doesn’t mean you. 3dmagic was a slimeball who was trying to sell blender to rubes.

considering advancements in technology and science. someday having a Faraday shield made of tinfoil on your head may be practical advice.

How would that help.A farady shield would have to completely enclose your brain.Then you could not see anything, much less feel it.

Alright, Going to bite and go out on the limb of speculation here. With current tech such as thisthis and this The intelligence is recovered from the brain by measuring the activation of the brain in specific locations of the brain, With consideration to prior patters across time. And the current coactivation pattern of adjacent brain area’s.

Now inorder for something like the above to function at a distance you would need to contend with the inverse square law of signal strength as it propagates across a distance or in other words twice the distance is 4 times less power in the transmission, And you would need a means to at a distance with little to no direct contact accurately measure the activity of a specific brain location. And this is assuming you found a way to contend with the fact that at the low frequency that the brain operates at that there is little to any chance of wave propagation. Although some chemical reactions do give of bursts of energy that may be detectable at a distance so who knows. It could happen. But that still leaves whatever measuring device was in use having to contend with a signle to noise ratio that would be breathtaking to consider. Looking at my laptops power meter and the power output of the brain…IT would measure something like neg 10-30 bars if you were to measure it on the scale a wifi card gives you

But As to how a faraday shield could help on the off chance, And as much as I dislike the concept the likely chance that someday some ubber nerd will figure out a way to over come that above list of issues to contend with
1- our bodies are mostly water, And that absorbs and diffuses energy, So most likely area’s that are below the hairline and below the nose would not be the most productive to measure brain activity from.

2- that metal mesh in your microwave functions as a faraday shield even though you can see though it. So a wire mesh over the eyes would still permit you too see, And still serve as a faraday shield.

3- when it comes to single disruption your options are, Distance, interference (noise generator), reflection/refraction of the signal, obstruction, and attenuation of the source to its lowest needed power to get the job done. And as the likely power output of the source in this case is breathtakingly small. Most likely some steam punk wire mesh glasses, And a stylish hat that covered your brain pan with a refractive/absorbent material while sending out some EMI would most likely defeat the first ten generation of that tech when and if it ever comes about.

Is someone saying somebody is hacking my brain.Thomas bearden has a book out called the mind has no firewall.

Does it select any cube at all ?

Where could I acquire such a hat? I am interested in being a trend-setter and brain protector.

Another stylish hat:

@CD38 hrm, that is pretty stylish, but doesn’t really give off the “tortured psychopath” vibe I’m looking for.