Someone knows how or where to find information to take my rig controls in the GUI?

I would love to put my rig controls (those that control IK/FK bending, for example) in the 3D panel just like sintels does, anyone can help me out?
I know there is scripting involved, I know just about nothing about it, a “recipe” thing would be very welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

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This tuto describe how to create an IK/FK rig from start to finis with UI tweaking through some scripting.

Also you can generate a rig with riggify, display in the test editor (this is the script used to tweak the UI) and then you can study it and try to understand how it works, you don’t need to be a coder.

hey thanks !!! I will try to learn something if I can(no code guy around here :D), then try open a new thread or maybe this one to report findings!!! and receive suggestions and crits all alike!!!

by the way Batman Deliverance is awesome sliv!!!

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: I was just 3D artist on this film, I’m about to post a translation for the making of.

As regards the UI tweaking, in my opinion, it’s not so difficult to understand even for non coder people. I learned that with this tuto.

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