Someone paid 1.2 million dollars for a malware-packed laptop

The reason why it sold for so much, it is meant to be a ‘art’ piece to discuss cyber-threats.

The moral of the story, it is definitely mind-boggling what passes as art these days. It makes me think that an artist can actually make more money if he makes some crappy pieces with a book’s worth of meaning attached instead of actual high-quality work.

Buy a cheap laptop, stuff it with malware, attach a meaning, sell it for a million bucks = get rich quick.

And here I thought the Banksy art-shredding stunt (which failed yet sold anyway) was dumb :woozy_face:

Money Laundering, the word is Money Laundering.

true dat :money_mouth_face:

I wonder If anyone would buy my mothers laptop for 1.2 M, probably has even more malware on it.


As stated above, you need to be mafioso (local hero) and even then it is kept as local wealth - stays in the “family”. Ask your godfather :innocent:

“Click here to download the new iPhone”


I use to live in one of those towns, and it did not strike me how different they are till I moved away. Seriously it is odd to be in a town without those front stores that are almost never open and a town that has the typical street crime in it.

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these things happen when you find yourself in a world full of bored people and in a profoundly unjust system.

No system is perfectly just, but as a rule the more fair a system is, the more entropy it has within it.

There is no such thing as a system that would prevent consumers from spending big money on stupid things or doing stupid things, at least not one that is not the state implanting chips in your brain to turn you into a fleshy automaton.

You can reduce this type of instance through policy, but you won’t eliminate it. Better warn everyone based on the old saying where a fool and his money are destined to be parted.

By the way, when it comes to stupid investments, people are also spending big money to see themselves in fancy clothing that doesn’t exist.

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So does that mean that most artists are stupid? I mean, if it is so easy to make art that sells for a high price you would think that a lot of artists would do it just to pay the rent and then do their “real” low price art in their free time.

unfortunately I can’t understand modern times,
I’ll be retrograde, I’ll be biased, but this is it.

modern art, modern money, modern times, those strange things.

I was born in the wrong age in some ways


I wonder what gives them the idea it’s worth 1.2million. Of course, the buyer expects the value to increase. Must have been made by a modern famous artist. Did he sign the bottom?

I’m thinking the reasoning behind it is to make something that looks incredibly stupid from the view of the average person, then give the project an illusion of depth though it has none, then give it a meaning that actually works in the absence of critical thinking, and then find one of those art collecting aficionados with bad tastes and tons of money.

Of course those types of people are in limited supply, it might help that there’s not that many people who do this. It usually will also take a more sophisticated effort than smacking a random bit of paint on the canvas and you possibly might also need a personality well-versed on psychological button pushing.


small fry. there’s an MMORPG project called Star Citizen that sells patches of digital space (it’s a spaceship sim game, by the way), and racked up millions doing that, or selling other items and asking for funding for features that don’t even have a proof of concept implemented.

Sounds like a rather complicated process. Perhaps this process is the art. Or at least part of the art.

Human? Get experienced, educated & real. Stop overthinking! Here, “art” is simply an excuse for corruption & bragging rights.

I accidentally found this good analysis on art and modern times, especially with internet times, and remembered me this thread

Been contemplating on the matter & am at the point of understanding human nature inline with Kierkegaard’s philosophy. Human intellect has been in a phase of confusion for the past couple of centuries. Going through misconception of art works with artificial works (goes same for many other areas of true understanding - life & everything – in short: civilization is the disease.

One of pioneering works expressing misalignment…


I got a old laptop that doesn’t have ANY malware! It even some replaced hardware! Its my artistic contribution to showing the beauty of maintaining something and being a responsible custodian of the future generations muse…
I also have a hardrive that symbolizes that death is final