Someone please help.. Its urgent..

Hey frnds, i’m making a blender file to plot the graph of velocity of an object… But its not working… I’m stuck in the midst of a project whose presentation is tomorrow… If someone can correct it today, it will be great…
My file:
graphofvelocity.blend (171 KB)

Don’t know what you want exactly / how to achieve this particular goal, but i can tell u this, use the DrawLine() function in Rasterizer module to draw lines in game engine or try direct OpenGL programming via bgl module to draw lines, curves etc in 2.5x.
Also from the blend, i think you are using bpy module which won’t work when made as a standalone.

Turning on the Console might help you find errors in the script. (Help->Toggle System Console.) For example it says “from Blender import * import bpy” is invalid try just “import bpy” that seems to fix one error. See if that helps. Are you using blender 2.5 or 2.4?