Someone please help!!

I’ve recently started watching tutorials on youtube on how to use blender. Turngameon is the name of the channel that I’ve been watching them on. The name of the video is making game objects in blender | Unity 3d | Video Game development. If you look at all his videos from oldest to newest, it is the 6th video. At 6min and 7sec, he manipulates his object in a certain way and I cannot figure out how he’s doing it. It looks to me like he is just clicking and dragging but I’ve tried this with the left and right clicker and it doesn’t have the same effect for me. I’m using a newer version that what is used in the video but im not sure if that has anything to do with it. If someone could please watch the video and tell me how to do this, it would help a lot. Thank you

the older versions used mouse gestures. what he was doing was making a quick zig zag or circle with his mouse to activate grab, rotate or scale. this functionality has been lost, although i am not sure why.

Thank you, but was he using grab, rotate, or scale is what I mean. Sorry if I asked the question a weird way. I know I can use hot keys to do that stuff but when I grab the object it and drag the section ive selected, it looks the same as if im using extrude, but with his the faces that are around the ones he’s selected change shape when he drags them. When I do it, only the faces that I’ve selected change, but not the ones around it and I don’t know what im doing wrong.

Elements around selection are influenced when you have Proportional editing switched on - tire shaped Menu icon or shortcut o or Alt-o (Alt-o being more used probably). Mouse wheel allows to adjust area of influence - there should be white circle visible. If it’s not, look on status line for influence distance number - if it is too big or too small circle is not visible and you wont have expected result while grabbing, scaling, rotating.

he just grabbed the manipulator widget. that red/blue/green arrow thing that is in the way all the time- you use it to move things on the x/y/z axis. just click an arrow and drag. settings are along the header bar next to the face/edge/etc select options