Someone please point the way

Have a piece of video about 1 minute long of a street sceen (store fronts). Video camera pans to the left as you pass perhaps 10 store fronts. Video includes several bilboards as you might see on any street.I want to edit video by inserting graphics and text onto those bilboards.

If my discription of what I have in mind is confusing. This may help. Visualize you are driving in your vehicle down a street and you are looking out your side windows for perhaps a minute or so. In that amount of time you will pass by 20 or more stores. In your eyes view, each store comes into view from the left and disappears to the right.

Thought of using the motion tracker. But, all tracking points will disappear within 10 seconds. So any ideas how I can accomplish my editing?

Thanx Bunches for any suggestions.

The Blender camera tracker could do it but it might be difficult due to the points coming and going. The best solution would probably be an external program. There are some free solutions such as Voodoo:
However, I haven’t used it in a very long time so I don’t know if it’s up to date and I doubt it works with Blender 2.8, you’d probably have to import your tracking data into an older Blender and then load that file into 2.8.

Good luck.

So, you just need to make 2D planar tracking. you don’t need to reconstruct a 3D Scene.

And in what measure, is it a problem ?
All you need is to add markers corresponding to planes and attach as many masks as planes, you want to replace.
These markers and mask will be active during the moment a plane will be visible, and then , they will be disabled for the rest of video.
That is not a problem. Element you want to add does not have to last more than planar surface you want to stick it on.
So, that is logical that markers don’t last more, too.

Thanx Bunches. I’ll check that tracker out and see what happens.