Someone selling Blender...

I don’t know if I should even be posting this here, but whatever the mods can take it down/move it, whatever.

I was perusing Ebay today, and I came across this

I don’t know if you can do anything about this, is this normal, do you just ignore…i don’t know, but anyway I thought I’d throw it on here to find out…

This has happened before, and if I remember correctly there isnt much that can be done unless blender sues or something… perhaps report the sale though.

Not the first time and not the last. But as the GPL states you can sell Blender, if you wish, though I think he’s breaking the licesne by not giving the address where to download it for free.

Nope. The only real stipulation is that he must offer to provide the source code upon request, and may even charge a nominal fee to cover shipping & media.

To the OP (and everyone else for that matter) – This has been said a thousand times, and will bear repeating a thousand times more: it is perfectly legal to sell GPL software. It is totally and absolutely allowed. Tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends.

You can educate yourself about the GPL and the rights it grants you here -->


Wow. I never knew that you can sell GPL software! I thought for sure that that guy is gonna be sued!

There are some people on this forum that bought Blender 3D. Someone even said that he wouldn’t even notice blender if he did not buy it.

Well, this way they don’t have to download and burn to disk. Too much work maybe.

Why burn a disk after downloading? Why not just install, straight away?

   		 		 		Why burn a disk after downloading? Why not just install, straight away?

Alright then. Maybe downloading is too much work for some ebay users.

Yeah, but that is just plain stupidity.
EDIT: Or, they’re e-bay addicts, who can’t help buying anything under $10.

I guess it’s because they don’t know that it’s licensed under the GPL. Because of these sales, there attention is brought to softwares, which to them, are really ‘cheap’.

Yeah, but that is just plain stupidity.

I’m not being serious. Back to work.

Nor am I. (neither?)

The problem with the seller’s page ist not Blender itself, but the artwork. I recognize some images from some known artists and also from If he didn’t get permission to use those images to sell his Blender, he might get into trouble, in case the copyright holders take action against that.

Sanne, you’re right! Some of the artwork, even I recognize! I hope he gets into trouble for that. Me no like blender-sellers :mad:

P.S. Why is he calling it a 3DsMax alternative? Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

EDIT: Check out the other softwares he’s selling! Open office, GIMP, Inkscape, and Audacity! Everything is free! Man, that guy has nothing to sell!!!

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