Someone should make a tutorial on understanding Blender Source Code/making addons

Absolutely, yes.

If you make a request about something you want, you’re being honest. You want something. Maybe nobody cares, but that’s fine.

If you make some claim about how something good would come about for everyone if only your request was granted, I think you’re bullshitting.

You still seem to believe that your mere signaling of maybe doing something under some condition makes your request better. Nothing could be further from the truth. In practical terms, you’re exactly as useless as before, except now you have an excuse for it.

hahaha based on what evidence? do you realize that you are making a claim as well that requires it to be backed up by evidence? I’ve shown you mine. I can’t tell what the future is, but using proxy information is most certainly a valid way to make a case. You’ve made claims of substantial lowering of returns and thousands of hours needed to convert two people or whatever nonsense and you think the Burden of Proof doesn’t rest on you as well? You’re not just a bullshitter you’re also a weasel who applies double standards. More of a weasel because you keep trying to make this about an example I brought up not realizing that I could die the next day and everything I’ve said will still apply.

You’re absolutely abusing linguistic quirks if you think I literally meant every single person ever to use blender. That’s dishonest. You know what I meant.

I’ve never stated that as a factual claim, you should pay more attention when reading.

Fine let me restate it:

If you make some claim about how it would be for the common good if only your request was granted, I think you’re bullshitting.

The point is, now it’s not just you who is making a selfish request. You’re hiding your selfishness.

Let me give a more obvious example: If all of you guys gave me some money, I could create a Blender wealth fund that could give fabulous returns which I could use to hire developers!

Maybe you both should stop bickering besides the point (y’all veered off course long ago). You are both wasting each others and unsuspecting readers time.

Now, more good tutorials are always appreciated. As far as I am aware no-one really is into doing
high-quality tutorials based on latest source - so one can take this as an opportunity to 1) learn Blender coding and 2) write a good tutorial series in the process.

Indeed - someone should make more tutorials on coding. And that someone could be you (whoever reads this).


The axe that needs grinding shall be ground.

Yeah, you’re right. I got a bit too involved. I should move on, but as a final say despite my hostile reactions I won’t have any hard feelings against BeerBaron and maybe I should apologize even. I’ll work on myself and try my best to improve, what he said wasn’t bad advice I just didn’t think it was relevant hence the argument. I have to say that my motivation isn’t just selfish whether he believes it or not and that I still maintain that we need higher accessibility in coding and that’s not just for myself.

I think that is always a given.

That said I think Blender has a very good documentation collection, much better than I have seen in professional settings. Sure, it is a quite daunting task to get started, but almost everything is already there.

Can it be better? Probably. Should current devs do the work - that is the eternal resource question. Do you want them to fix bugs and write awesome new features, or not?

Many devs lose the fresh sight once they get in, so IMO the best candidates to write good material are those who already know how to program, but aren’t yet familiar with Blender codebase.

If you are not familiar with programming to begin with I think the right spot to start isn’t necessarily Blender, but any of the beginner tutorials for programming already in existance.

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No you shouldn’t. You should hold a grudge against BeerBaron. You should be working on yourself with “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background, until the day that you’re a real C developer. On that day, you will have proven BeerBaron that he was wrong about you all along.


Don’t worry that day will come I promise :smiley:

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Here’s a thing worth considering: You don’t have to be an expert to make a tutorial.

Really… you only have to be one (maybe two) step ahead of your audience.

There are plenty of tutorials out there (for programming, graphics, and whatever else) that are basically videos of individual people documenting their learning experience. This is helpful stuff that a lot of people find useful. And even better, you’ll learn faster because everyone loves to point out inaccuracies and mistakes in video tutorials.

So go start learning… and document your progress. When you’re done, you’ll have that resource that you’ve been asking for.


Folks, Blender is an enormous software project now, but it’s in the good hands of a Foundation and of a developer community that cares very deeply about it. Never under-estimate the complexity both of the programming work and of the feature/release cycle. “This is what I also do for a living,” and I can flatly tell you that this project is in the good hands of some very serious professionals.

"These folks are good."

I’m sure that you can earn your way into their numbers, as is the case with all major open-source projects. In efforts like these, there’s always room for “the right one” more. Who doesn’t expect to get rich, or perhaps even to be paid at all. But who will make a difference in this world and in this industry by working his or her ass off.

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Hi I’m sorry. It’s quite stressy the last two days. But I promised to come back to you.
I’m sure you already started your journey on Youtube via the links I gave you and the corresponding vids in their sidebars.
For more please have a look at this conversation:
About Blender development
Other people with more knowledge than me already gathered some resources there.

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For addons, there are already tutorials and docs out there that Show you the API. So all you have to do is be able to Code python. If you don’t meet that requirement, how do you expect to be able to follow such a tutorial? Once you are, it isn’t that hard.

For the actual Code (c++, c) I don’t blame you for not being able to use them. Coding C or C++ is Pretty hard. But still, how do you expect to be able to follow a tutorial in C++ if you can’t Code C++?

Most tutorials/documentation fail on the same thing, they are made by people who perhaps know a lot about programming and are skilled at programming because they have an innate brain capable of doing so, but are unable to go down a step of complexity to understand that not all people have that well-developed capacity, and to understand that some people may find it more difficult than others to learn these things. Therefore, more than much knowledge, when it comes to being a good teacher you need pedagogy and didactics taking into account the audience to which your teaching is directed.
This is the best thing that I could find about it, it’s not free but it’s very cheap. There is a sample file there too:

For Blender python the following is great:

Thank you for all the links. I´ll have something to do during the christmas holidays. :smiley:

I haven’t gone over where I am in terms of coding skill. I’m stuck in a place where I can follow and read code (sometimes) but I find it difficult to apply them. In terms of tutorials I would argue there should be more. There are some specific issues I am having that I’m still trying to look over. This is not an issue I have with regular use Blender as there are solutions and tutorials out there that address even the most exotic and far out problems imaginable.

In terms of documentation, again I am ignorant of coding but as I see it even with regular use Blender documentation is simply not a replacement for tutorials. I have no reason at the moment to believe that coding is any different. There are so many tricks in Blender that many people would not have known if it were not for the effort of Youtubers. Not even the best documentation in the world can change that.

Edit: also, I’m highly considering deleting that post I made that you were quoting since it seems to be a source of potential derailment.

I think this is spot on. I - think - there are probably many novice coders that tinker with the Blender codebase but eventually either give up or only ever contribute a few very small patches. The core devs might say otherwise though, I don’t know. Those same novice contributors could have grown up to become Blender code gurus :grinning:

As a swiss cheese intermediate C++ hobbyist I can say that I would love either a division of to be devoted to tutorials for the patches and commits or a high end code documentation tool to be created for line by line tutorials.

As a matter of fact, I actually wrote up a very preliminary and open-ended design for a code documentation tool :

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There is other aproach that could be usefull for this kind of problem, with the generalization of the node based aproaches what we really have is an easy way for the users scripting graphycally. but there is the problem that higly complex node arrangements are dificult to use and understand for other users to use them.
The idea is that:
create a new kind of node that would be called the UI NODE, that node would work in a easy way, it would allow to drop numerical controls from other diferent nodes and put all together on a single node in wich that numerical controls apear as graphicall sliders between the selected values. it would allow to tipe some text to explain the funtion of the slider. this way users could make very complex node arrangements and share them as true fuctional addons.