Someone to finish and improve a cartoony facial rigging setup

I’ve been struggling to get this little guy’s mouth rig right, first I tried bones and weights, worked fairly well but I couldn’t make it smooth even with modifiers, it never looked good enough. Next tried bendy bones which worked even better and I almost considered using them but I couldn’t get his mouth to curve properly, then I tried doing blendshapes which still looked off because of his mouth not having proper symmetry? You could still do it without that but I personally cannot.
Here’s the type of shapes his mouth can make (don’t worry about eyes and eyebrows, I got those covered, but it someone could make better deformations on the little controls around his eyelids then please do it thx) Also on his “sad/squint” setting that’s not an “o” shaped mouth, it’s dirt on the computer’s screen. Also no I can’t get a better picture. I just need someone to make a smooth mouth setup. Funnily enough, the actual artists who rigged the official models didn’t know what to do first either, but they were pros and not teenage furries so they figured it out. The official setup was a series of blendshapes controlled using Maya’s channel box (cause it was made in Maya) This can be done in blender using custom properties but it’s a stiff and not as good as things like bendy bones or weights. Also, there was a control to bend the top of his head because of his “puppet mouth” (read it in the art book) But if you see anything about the face that you think needs correcting (execpt for the middle eyebrow control because I finished that, same with the main eyelid controls) then please make it better. I need to credit you when I put this on blendswap so please give your main social medias too. Sprite Fright is another good example of a style like this if you need more puppet people to reference. But I prefer you watch clips of Cloudy 1 because that’s where this fella appears

TLDR; I need a smooth and flexible setup for a character’s mouth.
If you say you can do it I’ll need proof so show previous works (nothing too old) I also need you to say what your prices are.

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hello check my pm, thanks in advance

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