someone to pick up (added screenshots)

someone to pick up
blender + acryllics + beer + gimp


FINALLY, some new awesome 3D work by basse!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Artistically amazing and emotionally incredible, as always.


back to unique style :slight_smile: Pretty amazing

you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for a new piece from you (actually you do know…since your last project!)

You definitly don’t disapoint here. Your style is so strong, so creative, so beautiful. I love it.

So you’re using beer to paint instead of coffee now? Or was driking part of the creative process?

Beautiful as usual, although i think you went a bit trigger happy with the back of the guys head, great bit of texturing, and good meaning. Definately it keeps me looking at it for a while to see if i see anything new.

Will someone please explain me what that means? I really like the result and the shading, but too dumm to get the point of any kind of abstraction.

Nice work.

Take care

thanks for the kind words.

cg-predator: simply put, it’s about person with a huge haunting shadow, resting and trying to figure out what happens next. it’s a bus stop, where everyone gets off, but nobody ever gets on. they look familiar, but never met. not a dead end, but a tricky place to be in.


I feel obliged to comment because I love this so much, but other than that I can find nothing to say:eek:

Thank you for letting us see this. It’s a privilege.

I’m sorry, but I have to ask: What does it smell like, with the beer and all?

Could you post some sort of breakdown showing which components are from which media? I’m curious what your process is. (IE, do you start digitally or physically?)

plantperson: :slight_smile: it’s just like any other thing, it mixes nicely with acryllics. but for this one i used that because it has certain meaning for the whole thing… technically, as it has bubbles, it gives you some random effects on how things mix and turn out… there is lot of air, so it gives you spots here and there. smell, i dont know, its mostly acryllic paint that overtakes it. and the cardboard which i used.

i did keep any blend file or xcf files really… part of the process is to just use the media and get on with it. but i might be able to post some shots of separate elements. i check the stuff out tomorrow.

i started with painting. scanned, then continued with digital stuff… which is kind of disappointing … i would love to do it the otherway, but dont have good enough printer for that :frowning:


Aha! I’ve just realized what this image reminds me of. Have you ever read anything by Markus Zusak? (Most well known works are ‘The Book Theif’ and ‘I am the messenger’.) It’s not that this displays any particular event in either book, but the emotions generated by looking at this piece, for me at least, connect perfectly with the impressions you get from reading Zusak’s writing. Check him out if you haven’t already:

Damn, you rule!

What exactly is it?

Not being rude. It’s amazing and all, and I get that there’s a person at a bus stop, but what’s that black thing on the left?

I am reminded of Bacchus comic, by that scottish-australian guy (too tired to wikipedia his name, sorry). Could be the wine-beer connection?

It’s about damn time basse! (But I’m one to talk I guess…).

Visually stunning as always. Your style is just fantastic.


Neat. That is one dude I would not like to meet at a bustop

simply stunning

Clearly you got nothing. I’ll give you a hint.

If you tilt the image 90 degrees clockwise and squint, then an other image will appear.

That’s how much genius basse is.

A skeleton dressed in a dinner suit with a white feather head dress, a black dog and either a fishing rod or, quite posibly, testicles and one really long pubic hair.