Someone use UDK?

There is someone that use Udk? and what exporter use? i use ASE exporter but i have some issues with smoothing groups: when i import in udk report a message tha vertex exceed the number expected, caused by vertex split but with fbx exporter i dont’ have this problem, but i’ve other…

I’ve used UDk for my project, but last week I made the decision to switch to unity, which makes asset management and coding process a lot quicker for small sized projects.
And now you can use VCS in the free version (since this week).
But anyway, MCCampagnini, the author of the ase script, is a great guy, send him an email I’m sure he will help you.
Or tell him about your problems there.
When I had problem he inspected my blend files and took my advice to improve the script flexibility (you have the option to recalculate normals or not, and you need that when doing a skydome for example).

yes , i know in fact i prefer his script than the fbx exporter cause i can use the UCX for collision, i’ve already wrote to him but he did not reply. i’ll retry to send an e-mail. ok thank you

He wasn’t active the last weeks, maybe he’s working on something else now…
I also had problems with smoothing groups, I wrote to him and he gave me examples, but even with than I coulnd’t get my sharp edges where I wanted I gave up… Good luck for your project! ( you can still investigate his code, it’s not obfuscated ;), I did some fine tuning tweaks on mine).

the smoothing groups works ok, it’ only that when i import in udk it detect that the number of verts are higher than the expected… while in fbx no

With the same model and the smothing groups recognized correctly in udk in both cases?

yes, but one with the vertex exceed(ase) and the other one no(fbx)

what kind of problem do you have??

Hm I have to admit I don’t know about your problem…
My problem with smoothing groups were… I couldn’t get them to work ^^. But I’m pretty sure I was doing something wrong, even though I don’t know what.

can you be more specific, maybe i can help you :smiley:

How are you defining smoothing groups in Blender? If you are using edgesplit, make sure to either apply the modifier before exporting, or enable a “apply modifier” feature in the exporter. I don’t know if the ASE exporter has this though; it’s been quite a while since I used it last.

marking them sharp (ctrl + E), and i applied also the modifier…