Someone willing to repair a character?


I have a character who is already complete/modelled, but the .blend file is a mess. The original person who I commissioned the model off of didn’t do a good job, and from there it’s just been bodge on top of bodge - it’s gotten to the point where I can’t bodge any further without it looking like a mess.

So, that’s where I turn to you guys!

If anyone here would be willing to fix the model for me, that’d be absolutely smashing.

Here’s a list of the issues:

Aren’t round
Aren’t in her head
Aren’t textured properly
Have a weird problem where you can see the back of her head from around the edge of her eyes? (Head needs making non-hollow)

Isn’t lined up with her neck (Basically, everything from the neck up is in desperate need of repair)

Hair sucks ATM

Could be better

Breasts and Buttocks are weighted incorrectly (non-symettrical/lumpy)
Mouth Armature is really amateur (blame me for that one!)

As I summarized, everything from the neck up is in desperate need of repair. It’s mostly mesh and brush work, but some armature fixing is optional if you wish to take that task. Any and all fixes are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!