Someone with a Macbook Air 13" or 13" retina around here ?

I would like to have an idea about how fast and “up to the task” is a MBA or a MBPr 13" 2013, so I’m asking if someone could possibly share in this topic:

  • a blend file with a quite complex scene
  • render time used to render the given scene at a given resolution
  • specify the main specs of your machine ( CPU and RAM basically, just to let us know what is your configuration )

I’m more interested about the Blender internal engine than Cycles, but I assume that this will not be that relevant because if something it’s faster, it’s faster, and it’s slower … it’s slower with both rendering engines.


ZBrush doesn’t need any fancy graphics card, plenty of ram so it runs fine. The screen space is limited so I’d increase the screen resolution to fit in the whole zbrush interface