I was bored and browsing deviantart (isn’t that everyone) and I came across a heavy unit concept art by voodoofox

This inspired me to take that model (or somewhat loosely take) and put it into 3d. Originally I was only going to do the head (since that’s the only part that is visible, but I kept going with it today (since I dedicate 1 hour or so to a render a day).

I was going to update the head some more (again, since yesterday I did not get to complete it), but I wanted to put more of the body together and I am very poor at modeling humaniods, so its always good practice.

One of the tricks I most recently learned was the generation and application of spec maps in cycles. I think it turned out pretty well (comparing yesterdays head vs todays). The spec map adds a good bit in terms of looking worn and goes with the original concept.

Day 1:
Day 2:

I think that he deserve bigger body… Apart from that you are doing well, and render looking fine. Keep up! :slight_smile:

The head looks cool to me. Can I ask how you manage to make the orange glowing lines. Im trying for some time but cant quite nail the settings.

The way to make those lines is adding some edge loops and then extruding the faces in toward the body, assigning them an emission material and then some work in the compositor: