SomersaultDropkick's Sketchbook

(somersaultdk) #21

Thanks again, I really enjoy hearing from you. I’m definitely still learning a bunch, rigging can be pretty complex and there’s still a lot I don’t understand. I mostly use the rigify addon to set up the characters, then add bones as needed for extra stuff like hair and clothes. And thanks for your input on the lighting, I definitely like that setup most as well since it’s the closest to my art.

(somersaultdk) #22

Here’s a couple quick renders just to show the characters

Iridian on the left, Delwyn on the right

(somersaultdk) #23

And here’s the sword on sketchfab

ONI Sword by somersaultdropkick on Sketchfab

(somersaultdk) #24

Been kinda busy lately so haven’t been modelling. Here’s some recent drawings though:


@somersaultdk First time posting here in Blenderartists, but I just wanted to let you know that I love your art style, and I’ll be following this post to see whatever you create next!
Keep up the good work, really, it’s lovely :smile::+1:

(somersaultdk) #26

Thank you! I’ll definitely be posting some new stuff soon!

(somersaultdk) #27

Messing with eevee

(somersaultdk) #28

Messing with textures and displacement on the sweater. It looks almost too realistic compared to the character.

(somersaultdk) #29

Did some basic rigging among other things.

(somersaultdk) #30

Working on a different kind of model for a change.