Something between

entirely in blender :slight_smile:

Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

I like the color, lighting and realism that you have going on - it’s got good harmony - but the picture itself doesn’t really excite me.

I like it a lot! its mysterious. love the style to
and the pipes!
Looks great!!:yes:

Thks you guys :slight_smile: , i’m very glad to see you guys like it :slight_smile: . Thks :slight_smile:

Beautiful light, textures and composition. I like the dust particles.

Nice detail. But the image is very static; door dead center. You did try to compensate this by adding a shaft of light at the door. But you need to do little more to improve it.

The image can be made more dynamic by shifting camera position and not shooting dead on flat to the wall. The door is a gate way you know. Make it count. So, adding more attention getting detail on it. That will pull viewer in more. As it is piping around the door is more interesting. Compare this image to yours. What makes it interesting?

Good colors, good composition. Add something to make it tell a story! It’s not missing much to be a great picture. Think of it as a painting.

Rdix, thk you :slight_smile: , maybe i should open the door a little bit to get more of the mysterious :slight_smile:

And by the way, did you guys see the boat? :v

no I didn’t until you menchend it and I look hard.

I have an idea what if you had the door cracked open slightly and light coming through

another idea is to have a lock on it !

I like it!
I know it’s hard to get rid of it, but I noticed there are leaves of wich stem doesn’t connect to the root. This wouldn’t call my attention if it happened only to the wall leaves.
Anyway, the texturing is very good and the lighting is great!