Something Else's Domain

Hi Guys.

The image is called Something Else’s Domain.

Still some work to do on the lighting and fire. I’m using this image as a kind of proof of concept for a short film scene.

Let me know your thoughts / crits


I like the idea. And his facial expression is good. But it could perhaps be more expressive. Does he have fear? Is he escaping from the fire? To me he looks concerned but not anxious. Is that intended?

I also like the fire and the smoke. But what are this things on his back?

Thanks Minoribus.
I am going to be working on the Character Pose and facial expression. I’m not too happy with the general composition, so I will be making some further changes to that. I am going to try and make it a bit more dynamic and have some more narrative to it.


There are a lot of changes I want to make to the image. Here is a quick list of what I want to achieve:

  • I’m not happy with the overall composition. I would like a wider aspect ratio, and a more balanced image.
  • The character is a bit static. It should be as if it has been surprised by someone.
  • The characters life cycle should be a greater part of the image. The objects on it’s back are Egg Sacks, it rips them off it’s back and deposits them in a nest in the forest.
  • The deformation of the character mesh needs further work.
  • The facial expression needs work.

With that in mind here is the work so far:

Here is the work still to do:

Will keep working on it.


Finally an update!

I think I’m going to call this a finished image.
Much happier with the overall composition than the first draft. I cleaned up some of the character deformation, changed the pose and altered the facial expression a bit.

Here it is.

As always comments are welcome.



This very much reminds me of the Video game Gothic for some reason. Good job!

I’ve increased the amount of lens blur in the image and added a bit more smoke around the right arm in order to integrate the character into the scene a bit better.

I didn’t want to push the depth of field too much as this makes the image look a bit miniature!

Here is the updated image.

Please check out the high res version below.


Good improvement since the last render. I like it and it has a strong story telling aspect. Fire and smoke look good to me.

Perhaps a little motion blur for his feet and hand would add to it. The skin could be a little less glossy but who knows what kind of skin this creatures have. And I think that for the composition it would be better to not cut off his left foot.

Other than that: fine!