Something feels off and unrealistic, probably lighting or texture

Made the models a long time ago but working on the texture and lighting recently. Critics especially about lighting or texture is highly welcome

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I’m not really qualified to comment as I couldn’t do anything like this myself.

BUT, if I had my arm twisted up my back I would say that the foliage on the tree to the left looks a bit odd, although I realise that it could be a tree that I am not familiar with. Seems a bit dense to me. Have you got a reference photograph?

And I think that the grain on the wood could be reduced by at least fifty percent.

Lighting wise, is it perhaps a bit to light underneath the overhanging roof?

Model is great, though :slight_smile:




The picture does look good, few things i can say by focusing on a bit everything, take what you want in it, it is your drawing :slight_smile:

I agree with synkrotron about the wood, why don’t all beams have the same texture detail level? Try not symmetrizing the texture?

did you put stone on the roof? is that meant to be shale?

Trying to go lowpoly? If not how about trying to get a bit more volumes in the chimney?

how about moving the camera focal point to the front of the house and not the back?

Maybe what is a bit off is the difference between the detailed ground/grass/tree and the sharp squary shapes of the house, it feels a bit like mixing two styles

Maple tree in foreground and pine forest in the background?

The door iron texture is a bit repetitive, the handles a bit small?

The windows (especially the left one) feels too shiny to be real, wouldn’t be surprised to hear a huge crab came to steal it

Everything looks off. Starting with the foliage. It lacks volume and looks more like a small bush than a tree. The wood textures on the house are too simple and unrealistic. The textures on the rocks are all the same and blurry. The color of the grass and their uniform placement is off. The camera lens blur makes it look miniature.

I think this is really good. I would say you could do a lot with a little more lighting. Right now it is really evenly lit, so nothing draws the eye. If the focus is on the house, then light that up. Grab my attention. That’s where I would start first.

A lot has already been said that I would agree with. The texture on the cladding looks like wood at the correct scale. The wood on the facing doesn’t. The grain is too big.

Also, is this supposed to be a miniature? The depth of field is making it look that way. The house should be in sharp focus. The rocks in the foreground should be too. The trees in the background might be out of focus, if they’re large trees far away. They kind of look like small bushes as they are.
Use an empty as your focal point with the depth of field and position it at the front door of the house.

Are you using an HDRI to light the scene? or a Sun light?