Something for you MAC DADDY'S

If anyone is using a dual monitor set up on a MAC then you will dig this if you already dont know. If you want to edit on dual monitor set up then simply split your 3-D view into two then expand the bottom right corner over until you are in both monitors then move all your buttons to the bottom right on the second monitor and there it is dual editing in Blender. Most of you probably knew that, but its more for the new guys like me who are in Blender "everything is new to me " mode.

The second cool thing is if you want to render two camera shots of different angles at the same time then here is what you do since Blender does not allow it in itself.

1 - Download Blender 2.4 the latest as your primary (Most of us have it already)
2 - Download Blender 2.37a and place it in the same applications folder as the 2.4, but NOT inthe same 2.4 folder, just beside it on your HD.
3 - Open the 2.4 and your project and select the first camera and hit render as you wish. Now while its rendering go ahead and open Blender 2.37a
4- Open your project in 2.37a and rename it with a (2) after it
5- Now create your second camera animation and hit render

Now you are getting two camera shots at once! If your MAC can handle the processing that is.

But no more waiting for one shot to be done to go to the next.


How do you use dual monitors?

Do you have a MAC with two monitors and an ATI card that allows you to use dual monitor editing? If so then just do as I mentioned in the previous post. If you dont have two monitors or the right graphics card support then ,…well its just not possible. you need 2 - monitors with the proper card and the right hook ups. If you have all that and cant get it then hit me back and Ill guide you through. Cool?

Alright, cool.

Lol, a Mac Daddy.
Reminds me of the time hip hop was still about rollerskating and wearing your clothes the other way round instead of silly gorillas on steroids toting guns.

Nice that you got Blender to run dual screen on a mac, I can’t even get it right on windows :]
But I’m switching to Ubuntu some day maybe then…

Yaa you know what , and this is just my opinion and a lot of PC lover will hate me for it but here goes. If you want to do some serious work, then a MAC truly is the machine to do it on. I have both, and My PC, although a very new and very good one is good enough for word and e-mails and photoshop, but if its hard core reliability you want then go with a Machine like a MAC. I have been using it for over ten years and Have no complaints when it comes to power and delivery. But you pay the price for the quality, and it is sure worth it, again in my opinion. No hatin on my PC pees out there! LOL Cheers!

Nah, it’s just fancy stuff making you think so.
When I work with Mac I get stressed about all the useless graphic stuff flooding the CPU.
Last thing I saw was animated backgrounds for christ’s sakes.
In Win and Linux you get the option to turn it all off.

animated backgrounds??? i havent seen such a thing… i’m running mac os x 10.3.9, and the cpu doesn’t get flooded by gui…macs use cpu more effeciently than windows, i’m afraid. the cpu’s are also built to deal with this, too, it hink. also, when i use windows, the gui is very buggy, and windows seems unstable (this is even with a brand new one i just got). it’s a dell, too. a standard dell pc.

im fine with wondows and all, but mac is just what i prefer. forgive me! :x

Why run 2.37a as your second version? Some 2.41 projects just won’t open properly in 2.37a since there are features it doesn’t support or which are implemented differently now (eg. armatures).

Why not run 2.40 and 2.41 (or maybe 2.41 and 2.41 - I don’t think that would be a problem)?

My bad, you can run what ever version you please. I just used 2.37a because that is my secondary version. But the point is you can do double renders. :smiley: