something for your amusment

Just felt like posting another random 2d thing I did…

Although it makes me think about the possibility of constructing something similar in 3d. I’ve been thinking about HOW to do that, but I’m not sure; er, what I mean is not the same exact mode of drawing in 3d, but like the 3d version of the same sort of thing, where twisty 3d object interconnect to form the picture. It’d be … tricky I think.

You could do something like that in 3d with strips of flexible metal. It would be a lot of work, but it would be so cool. Excellent work. :smiley:

Wow very nice. And some deja vu, reminds me of a art game I used to play with myself where I made pictures composed of shapes, the rules being the shapes could not touch or cross over each other. I would start with a shape then keep adding shapes until I saw something in it then I headed the drawing in that direction. If I can find any old pictures I’ll post one.

I really like what you did. And yes it would look cool in 3D.


I’d love to see some. Thats very similar to the process I used for that picture (and many others). This one just looks particularly nice I think because of the background and such.

Others can be seen in my SITO archive at if you’re interested.

Thanks for the compliments.

Hey, das funky!

Makes me remember the doodles i do in my notebooks whenever the classes start to et boring (that is, 70% of the time :wink: )
Of course… i never have done something as complex as that… you could always use curves, of course, to model it in Blender :smiley: (but, thinkin again, i am a masochist when it comes to doing something in Blender and I always go the hard and slow slow SLOOOW way)

me likes it!

Hehe yea. Not quite what I was meaning though. … I was thinking something that is equivilant but in 3d… like curving 3d shapes that fit together in the same way that the curving 2d shapes fit together… maybe someday :slight_smile:

I have actually done a few drawings like this in bsplines in a vector editor (sodipodi) and created SVGs. It was very very time consuming, with much simpler images than this one (this one would take forever, probably 12 or 16 hours of solid editing)>

me likes it!

Thank ya :slight_smile:

it looks great just like the engravings of nordic arts from the romanesqe period