something funny to share

i was just bored surfing sites and stumbled upon this lol

Heh thats an oldie. It has been post on this forum several times… Its very cool :smiley: lol

i bet u didnt see this 1 thou shows just how crap vista is

Yes we’ve all seen that too. Fail.

:smiley: That’s funny. I used to have speech recognition as a separate programme years ago. Looks like it hasn’t changed much.

Think of all the poetry that it’s going to fill the forums one day, with that technology.

yea, and microsoft just tried to play it off by sying it was ambient noise that couzed that

Did the program wreck a nice beach instead of recognise speech? :wink:


I’ve used voice recognition software for games like Sub Command and it worked flawlessly for me. So I’m sure the dude must have forgot to configure the software to his voice or maybe he just can’t speak correctly ^^ Nevertheless, LOL