something i always wanted to know

this is something i always wanted to know, when you make an armature animation how do u make the armature stay at the same location which it ended without is go back to the same place it started when you do a new animation

Do yourself a favor and use punctuation next time. It’s easier to read that way. Try reading that in one breath. Very difficult.

To answer your question:

Choose one:

  1. You edit the armature (hit TAB to go into Edit Mode) so with your desired position.

  2. You create an action with your desired pose and create a block for it in the NLA Editor. Work from there.

  3. Same as above, but instead of using the NLA Editor, use your saved pose as a template for future poses. Make sure the F radio button is clicked in the IPO Editor so it stays in the Blendfile. Don’t forget to work with copies of that pose. Click the button next to the F button where the numbers are (the user count). This will create a copy.