Something I bet you haven't tried - Portrait MODE!

Surfing the way it should be - since most sites aren’t much above 1024 pixels horizontally, you probably have noticed the 40-50 percent waste on your fancy 24" inch monitors, right? Well…no more waste! If you can (there’s usually a screw hidden in the back of the monitor, under the cap, for that 90 degree mode)…do it - because it will change the way you surf the net - or read PDF docs (or create A4/A3 docs - forever )!

Even in Blender, things are more fun:

Not only does your monitor take up a lot less space on your desktop, but the 3D-Characters you may be working on, can all of a sudden fill your ENTIRE screen, and you have a LOT MORE detail, less zooming, lot’s of lots of LOOOOTS of screen real estate to work on.

Now the question remains - WHY oh WHYYYY didn’t I try this before? :spin:

Try it if you can - it is an AWESOME experience.

but then how do you watch 16x9 widescreen movies? :stuck_out_tongue:

that looks cool! :smiley: i can’t do that with my laptop though, lol

yes you can, just duct tape it to the wall sideways! :PPPP

Well, that way are vertical buttons actually effective! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… I noticed that too, now I don’t have to scroll all the time.

@Spacetug - I watch 16/9 movies on my 50" plasma :wink:

If only you had posted this a few weeks earlier … I would not have bought that 27 inch iMac :wink: LOL

P.S. Your “boy” is cross eyed!

way cool, but unfortunately not all monitors seem to give that option: I see none as such in my monitor here at work…

nice character too.

Is that a… is that treasure troll?

Duuude… siiiick…

Actually…I wish someone told me about this - a long time ago…this is “THE way” to work :wink:

@Namekuseijin - thanks :wink:

@ropsta - who knows? His name is NoOdles, and he’s my sites mascot:

its a good idea, but i think your a bit late, i seem to remember the blender foundation already using this on elephants dream (project orange)
the making of shows you their hardware setups

6mins35s… look!!! :slight_smile:

We have a dell monitor like that at work. It is ideal for the document scanning workstation because you’ll get a full scanned page in view at 100%.
Me myself would want such a monitor to play those old shoot 'm ups in MAME.

Alternately you can just take advantage of the subdivideable tiling interface of Blender and display multiple views of a model, animation curves, uv/texture editor etc. Additionally if you use a tiling window manager like DWM or Xmonad, you can do this with every single application you are using.

You can never have too much screen space:)

Nice idea! Yet i always work with two 3D scenes side by side… Would “absolutely” need two monitors then… :wink:

Right on!

I played Mame (albeit under Linux) with this setup - I can tell you - that ROCKED!!!

Great, really great! Thanks! Actually, most day-by-day things are better in portrait layout - reading e-mails, books, work with photo collections etc. What are not: landscape layouted photos, some scenes in Blender and coding (that’s pity).

I’m using portrait mode now - every single day.

And what’s most noticeable is that nothing is what it was before.
Meaning…no resizing of web sites, portrait pictures, characters (meaning - 90 percent of all stuff I ever did on the net).

Turning on the computer in portrait mode is as natural as going to the bathroom, which is kind of weird - but perfectly natural. Every site you visit - fits perfectly in the entire screen…not like before, when you fit half the screen…and had to scroll the rest…so yeah…this can’t be stressed enough. Try it folks - you’ll never EVER look back!

I use it too, actually, I made my own monitor stand of MDF wood planes :slight_smile:
For surfing the web, reading mail, writing documents and coding (tRaveller, why not?) it’s better - for watching movies and (in my opinion) using blender it’s usually not.
I turn my screen around like a maniac all the time, but I must agree, portrait is the right way. Landscape layout is just an interesting alternative to it.

I’m glad that you have fun with your new setup. I’m curious about your resolution because a few years ago, I bought a high end monitor but did not like the rotation because it was not as crisp as the regular standard view.
So what is your new horizontal res now?

Btw, I love your mascot! GREAT job :slight_smile:

Thanks Onemanblend…and emu.

I’ll show you a real screenshot of my Linux desktop in 1200x1920 here:
(pardon the jpeg artifacts…but it really is super-sharp…I’m pretty sure you’ll agree)