Something I did at lunch

(BgDM) #1

I did this on my lunch break at work today. So, I called it “Lunchbreak”, (duh, dat was a stoopid name! :wink: )

Anyway, here it is: (cut and paste)

I had said on my Envmap tute thread that I wanted to see this board get flooded with envmap images, so i’ll start, (sorry Stefano, I know you already did :smiley: ).

Done with Blender and Photoshop.


(pofo) #2

mmm… shiny

(IamInnocent) #3

How did you manage to remove the finger prints ? :wink:

(blengine) #4

nice, interesting textures

(S68) #5


shiny :slight_smile:

/me has plans for his lunchbreak today :slight_smile:


(Lee_Ball) #6

Oh my GOD! A big shiney pink ball. Coooolllll! 8)

(Bapsis) #7

Nice work, great texturing and all in one lunch hour 'eh? Awesome, but couldn’t you find something better to do during lunch other than playing with your shiney balls? snicker snicker :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(S68) #8


my lunch break :wink:


(BgDM) #9

Hey Stefano, nice vase! Love the texturing and the lighting is very nice.

How the hell did you get it to float in mid-air though? :wink:


(S68) #10


I took off the ‘P’ key from my keyboard. This way the physics engine can’t start…


(schock) #11


(BgDM) #12

schock: as far as CGTalk goes, I will post what I want, when I want, etc, etc… That is what it is there for. If someone pans it, then so be it. They are all a bunch of LW/Maya/XSI gangbangers over their anyway. There are plenty of shiny balls posted there as well, that look just as good, or worse with their more expensive programs.

As far as blender people praising anything, I think you should read some of the posts here. There are a lot of bad replies to stuff here as well. Maybe we are just a bunch of nicer people who appreciate what gets done.

Why don’t you make something and post it at CGTalk? Get yourself a fucking 5 star rating!


(IamInnocent) #13

Too bad that you can’t read your post through my eyes. You make it look like I’m somebody with whom you’d be ashamed to be seen.
I know of many pictures made with Blender that deserves five stars and so should you : if you don’t see them where you hang out then it may be because you attitude is too common there.
In short, what the hell are you doing here if we’re not good enough for you?

(schock) #14


(blengine) #15

blender peeps are a helluvalot nicer when it comes to “i just goit bored” posts cause we realize, hey, he just got bored! if he wants to post it, its gonna get posted and before u post replies, u should think about the content and how it was made…he got bored on his lunch break, so he had fun with blender and made something cool, i can dig it

theres alot of expensive program snobs at cgtalk and the other forums…theyre “too good” to just have fun and play with spheres… little queers

(BgDM) #16

Oh ya you da man you go and post lots of shiny balls

OK, maybe I will. I will flood the CGTalk board with shiny balls :smiley:

Didn’t take long for that imature flame to come

Did you not read your first post to my thread. That was the first imature flame. If you have nothing good to say about blender, then why are you here?

In short, what the hell are you doing here if we’re not good enough for you?

Exactly. And a big thank you to jeanamontreal for stating the obvious.


(DaniHell) #17

Wow! things are bad between those two!! Don´t want to stick up in the middle!! l :smiley: . Peace Guys!!

(DreamMaster) #18

I really like pink ball, it’s very realistic. :slight_smile:

A good project for lunch break! Maybe I’ll do the same!