Something I forgot in the drawer <UPDATED> (ScottishPi

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I did this some time ago, a nighttime shore to check If I could do some believable water by anymating bumpmaps… and never posted before.

Maybe ScottishPig need one of these things :wink:

Tell me what you think (lightbeam halo don’t behave well in the distance, might be a problem in ClipEnd for camera?)


EDITED: see my bottom post for more info.

(kerosene) #2

very nicely done!
i like the movement of the water :slight_smile:

(S68) #3

/me is planning to add a little sailing boat…


(harkyman) #4

It looks pretty nice. I did see, though I can’t remember where - an ocean simluation done with larger waves modelled (would work with the wave animation effect), and small caps/texturing done with a procedural bump map/color map. It looked phenomenal. I would be curious to see how well Blender could do with something like that.

Anyway, yours looks good. I’ve never had any luck with such things.

(S68) #5

Thanx for comments, Interesting idea,

actually I tried the wave effect, which should be better, but it is not so easy to tune… I might try, maybe with a lattice to deform it and have waves follow the coastline in a nice way…

This is done with three moving bumpmaps, a noiseless wood ant two stucci :slight_smile:


(jorx) #6

How do you animate textures??? I’ve never understood that.
P.S. Looks very nice!

(S68) #7

In this particular case I just placed an IPO on the OfsX and OfsY properties of the texture in the material…


(S68) #8

I added a small sailing boat sailing from far to close to the camera…



(ScottishPig) #9

DAMN! I wish I commented earlier. Looks great!

(ace4356) #10

I can’t get it, I keep getting 404’s I even tried copy&paste, but no avail, anyone else have this problem?

(cohort) #11

Yes. I am.

(bob_dog) #12

The requested URL /Blender/movies/lighthouse2.avi was not found on this server.

(paradox) #13

The original post at the beginning of this thread was back in may so it may not be up anymore. Guess need to check with s68 to see if it is still available.

(Zweistein) #14

404 error. i want to see it, too

(BaDbOyHeRe) #15

I want to see it also. The awesome Caronte made a Ocean Storm avi and it was fantastic. I still have that 6 second short.