Something I hate.

When I press submit reply or submit thread or whatever, sometimes the page turns white and it says “loading” and stays that way forever, and I lose whatever I posted. This is the only forum that does that, my internet connection is not slow.

Mine does the same, except that is doesn’t go blank, it just sits there DARING ME to keep clicking on the Submit Reply button…:smiley:

I’ve found that Restarting the browser works ( a bit drastic I know )…:o

The little *%$£^% just did again…


I don’t see another place to rant about this, but…


the text was gone when I hit back.

Have you tried submitting with multiple browsers?-I recommend Mozilla though:D… If you have tried with a wide variety of internet browsers(opera, IE, Firefox, SeaMonkey…and the list continues), you may have a virus infection? Did you experience lower performance in other (3d) applications? Or you may be far away from the urban world… :smiley: :slight_smile:

Copy the text before you post, that way if it dies, you just boot up the page again and paste it.

This has happened with all my browsers. I have a fast connection, this forum is the only site that is almost always incredibly slow.

It’s like your own personal autosave. This is exactly what I was going to say.

Otherwise how often do you clear all your browser caches, what os are you running?

Yeah, go download CCleaner and make sure your browser running the way it should be. Make sure you check your own computer etc before blaming the BA.

It’s done this to me too. I use Firefox and recently reinstalled windows. I don’t think it’s your browser.

well, if you use Mozilla, maybe this add on will work:

I am not using windows. These things do not happen. The server is always slow, others are not, how can it be the fault of my computer?

Oh, and another thing. Sometimes, when I just post a quick reply, after waiting a really long time it says “thank you for posting. If you opted for a poll, you will be something something”, as if I had started a new thread.

maybe the server is getting revenge for all your nasty comments :stuck_out_tongue:
or maybe you’re unlucky