Something irks me terrible

Last night I made a model out of a cube, an unsmooth fuselage of a ship. What really drives me insane … to my shame … I dont remember how I did it. I remember I cut a cube in half, mirrored the other, and that’s about it …
Now … I know how to reproduce the shape, but in a messy and unsymetrical way. Notice the beautifull symetry in the back of the ships with all those squares.
Here is the picture … can anyone elucidate the matter for me … ? It’s driving me crazy

I found out an easyer way to make it, make a square, cut down the edge faces, make triangles, fill in the faces … they key is to deconstruct the form to basic stuff. Although, I dont think I made it that way, I remember dicking it out with grab, precise transforms, etc. Still, any ideas on how to make it a different way?