Something is going wrong with cycles

Hi. I am using a plane and ocean modifier.
The plane looks good in eevee

but when I go to cycles these artifacts come in to the mesh

Also I can not use any hdr in cycles except to the ones preloaded in eevee…
The hdr will not show any effect in cycles viewport.

I am using a ridicuously large scene…I am not sure if the problem is how far my plane is from the world origin. I kind of need to do an ocean animation where something happens 200 km from the shore and i need to show that…anyways is stupid, but orders from above…

Do you think the location in the scene could be ruin something ?

Thank yo u

If it is a very large scene then check your camera clipping distance…if too low it can cause problems like that.

Thank you for your answer.
I tried with the viewport clipping and does not seem to be the problem.
Regardless of the distance I am to the object, the mesh gets black faces in a zig zag way.
It does not happen when I am in eevee. Maybe its worth to clarify the mesh has an ocean modifier and the problem shows when the ocean modifier is active.

But I think there is a bigger problem here. The World node does not seem to affect the scene at all. I am in the viewport with cycles on and the word, even unplugged from the main layer output does not affect the scene. So I am receiving the same outcome regardless of having the world node or not… It does work with eevee…

Edit: I placed the mesh in a new file and now the node works…so the hdr in cycles is working now…I guess something is corrupted in the original file I am working on. But the weird black zig zag lines are there.

Here is the scene

I have experienced similar artifact problem in BlenderGIS addon with a model having several hundred metre in length and the camera / light was moved to an extremely distant location.

After scaling down the model by 100 times and moving the camera / light to a position near the origin, the artifact disappeared.

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Thank you. In my case I can not scale down the ocean too much since it’s a real shot with real objects in it…so it needs to give an impression of a real large-scale ocean. I did move the mesh to the origin since that it can be faked…and I do not need to actually navigate hundreds of kms to give the impresion of moving long distances. What I am not certain is why the word nodes stop working…I imported everything into a new scene and now cycles works again.