Something is wrong with my camera

Hi! I was trying to make an animation of a ceiling fan spinning. I’m almost done, so i was thinking of adjusting the camera, but when i went into camera mode by pressing 0 in number pad, I was focused on to the the fan for some reason and i couldn’t see anything. I tried pressing ctrl+alt+0 and parts of the fan teleported to the camera. Please help me

Video -

.blend file - (Also, ignore my horrible modelling)

You set your fan_center as camera. Also i think there is a bug with if you try to set the right camera. You have to select your fan_center check “Local Camera” and then set the correct camera. It does not work without checking it, i guess this is a bug.

Anybody can confirm this is a bug? Then i report it.

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oh wait nvm, i deleted the .blend file and redownloaded it and everything is fine now

bruh wth?! I only see black when i’m rendering, and i noticed that the camera problem happens only after i render the image (even after i redownloaded the .blend file several times, the problem arises)

Yes, try set the camera again as described above… The render camera is not equal the 3d view.

yeah it’s working when i check local camera,