something is wrong with my models face and body

when i move the head armature it glitches and when i move the hands and legs holes
appear :o
Thanks in advance


alpha.blend (963 KB)

The top of the head and the hair are not bone weighted, so of course the vertices don’t move along with the head bone

Because of the bizarre bunch of overlapping you have in the torso, vertices will do all kinds of weird things. Make sure your model is a closed shell, instead of a bunch of half-closed parts slapped together. Also, weight the chest parts more heavily toward teh chest bones, and moving hte arms won’t drag them around so much.

i fixed the head and hair but the body still glitches could you show me what to do about the body:o i posted the blend below


alpha.blend (868 KB)

“BUMP”. my thread
please someone help me with this its driving me crazy

Your character mesh is a mess!
Many unnecessary vertex/faces…many crossed edges…and many holes in the mesh!
Carefully delete three of the front oblique edges, some gaps appear, then delete the “floating” ones around, and “build” some faces to close the gaps.

whats an oblique edge and whats a floating edge as you can tell im a noob :smiley:

can you tell me some good body modellling tutorials

There are some very good tutorials here: