Something is wrong with my topology

so i was making a car (sord off)
for training sake

and i noticed something weird about the topology

as you can see there is like big polygons that are clearly visible on the sides and top of the car.
why is this happening and what do i do about it?

I see that you are quite new to Blender yes?

You have flat shading applied to the Object. This is not a topology issue this is a shading issue. There is flat shading and smooth shading. If you want to continue with flat shading but get rid of the differently shaded faces on the side of the car then go to edit mode, face selection mode, select the side faces and then apply Smooth shading to those faces only.

I recommend though that you switch the whole object to smooth shading in the left-hand Tools menu (in Object mode). Smooth shading combines with normal maps better. Flat shading is also less realistic because edges seem too crisp and sharp. Its ok for small or distant objects though.

I recommend that you watch lots more youtube vids while in bed with a cup of coffee and a cigarette!