Something is wrong with this texture

Hi. I am not sure why…these mesh looks wrong…
The shadow area became totally black:

The other area with some blender noise looks totally flat…

I thought it could be the nodes wrongly connected after using NWrangler…but it is not that…

Any idea of what could have gone wrong?

Thank you

can you upload the file so we can check it !

happy bl

mistake.blend (1.4 MB)

Here it is! Thank you @RickyBlender

got this render

all normals seem ok

so what seem to be wrong ?

how many light sources do you have ?

happy bl

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You had your Bump Texture plugged into the Normal slot on the Bump Node…Plug into the Height instead.

I get the shadow areas as a black mesh…Your screenshot looks actually good…I am not sure how it looks in your shadow areas.

I will check if this is the problem…but your shadow area…does it look like a black portal ?

Thank you! I am a bit annoyed with myself…cause I did not see this stupid mistake before asking.


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Hey… I missed it…I didn’t realize that section had a copy of the other roof textures…It was the same thing…plugged into Normal and not Height, also the Roughness was lower than the other texture…

change those things and you will be back on track…

Hey! We all make mistakes…Better to ask than pull your hair out!! And after looking at a model for a certain amount of time, you lose focus on things. I don’t know how many times I realize I and in edit mode and can’t figure out why I can’t select a part that was not shift selected or start adding meshes to continue building, and have to go back and separate by selection!!

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