Something just isn't...right.


I have made this trying out the functions on the ivy generator. It is a simple scene. I am using a the on-boardsky texture for lighting, and I am trying to use an image background on a plane. It just doesn’t look right. Is there any tips on setting up the background? (proper scaling, lighting, etc) What I mean by background is not the background image for modeling, that I understand. What I am getting at is the background from an image on a plane.

Anyway, thank you for taking a look!

Have you set the plane to be shadeless? I’ve found that often works best for background images.

^ What he said.

If that isn’t the case, you should be able to adjust the color brightness/contrast in PS/Gimp so that the background is a darker shade of green and cancels out the haziness (cause by moisture in the air) of the image. You could also do that in the material nodes if you want to keep it in Blender.

Of course! Brightness/Contrast! Serious face palm! Thanks a lot, really!
So this looks a tad better, no? Any hints on matching the scale, or is it simply trial and error?
Really appreciate the help! Thanks again!

I sometimes add an emission node to the background image to improve it’s look and make it more realistic since if you feed the emission node with the image as its colour, it glows a little brighter on the brighter parts of the image. Scaling is pure trial and error, unless you want to calculate the size of the image and the distance from the opening, etc. etc. and use maths to get it spot on. A lot depends on how far away the trees are from the opening in your shot, at the moment they look a longish way off. If it looks right though - it is right.

I have used images as internal walls in a building, and in this case I add the emission node to help light the scene, as in real life, light is reflected off the walls and will be reflected off the trees in your shot.

Cheers, Clock.

That looks much better!

For the scaling issue, it really depends on where your structure is located and the images you plan on using. In your case, the image makes it look as if the structure is in a valley because I can’t see any hills or horizon to judge depth/distance. I don’t know what the full image looks like, but you might be able to just scale it down to let more depth show through the window. Experiment with it some and you’ll find the right scale.

The story of your piece is important here because it determines what your point of view is, and therefore, what background images and scales make sense. For example, if your structure is located on top of a mountain, the window would probably show other mountain peaks and tops of trees, or maybe clouds with peaks poking through. On the other hand, if the structure is located within a dense forest, the window would show things from a completely different point of view.