Something Just Not Quite Right Here

Hi all! Hope you all are feeling well! I’ve been working on this Ferrari for a couple of hours now, and I’m currently just working on the guide body mesh, but I feel on this one at the door is not quite right, do you all have any ideas and tips for me?


I would try to reduce the resolution and see if its better. For that narrow place you have 8 loops i can see. You can also try to enable the loop tool addon and use the flatten function to fix some of the parts there.

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Maybe try a little harder to articulate what is it that feel “not quite right” to you?

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There’s an almost straight line in the midlle while the next corresponding line to the left ends in a smooth curve. The line where the door ends at right has also a downward curve in it. This is odd. It looks like someone has hit the door with a crowbar in the middle.

strange curve

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