Something like automated color giving for different heights?

My question is, if its possible to create maps with a automated color add for different heights in blender. For example im using a heightmap of a terrain, now i want to add colors to the different heights of the terrain. For example on the ground of the terrain brown, for the middle heights green and for the top of the mountains white. Is it possible?

Sure, what do you want to do with it?

Cycles can do this fairly easily:


another option, for spheres is to use the distance from the center of the planet.

Position - location = (local position)

local position magnitude = distance from origin

edit - making a video now

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You can also easily calculate the steepness of terrain using the normals of the geometry. This can be used to generate Rock/Grass and snow maps.

You can also add fake detail to rocks/snow by adding a noise bumpmap after the normals:

Be sure to use object as texture coordinates for the Noise texture - else it will be distorted.

You can then mix this method with the technique shown by @SterlingRoth with the usual MixRGB nodes.


I ended up baking the displacement map and just using that as the color ramp input

edit - here is the making of the nodes I used to make the displacement map-


Wow…so many great answers with awesome ideas! Thats exactly what i need guys! Ive played with node setups before too, but couldnt get it to work. Now I know how to do it. Youre so great guys👍 Thank you very much. I will post my result in the future, to show you what ive done with that;-)