Something like rendering buffer?

Hello. I’m just curious if you have some best practices for rendering multiple images.
Does exist something like “render buffer”?
My idea is to arrange more cameras (different views and camera settings), and let my computer render all presets views over night.

Do you have any clue how to do that, or what is your workflow for it?

Thank you.

Using 2.81 Release. Try this. camera-marker.blend (583.3 KB)

For ref:

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Hello and thank you for your advice. That is exactly what i looked for.
Very helpful. :+1:

If you’re looking for batch rendering, take a look at this addon: Render Button & Camera Manager
It’s full of features related to cameras and render.

Hey, just out of curiousity, do you know how that addon names the files and does it name them different depending on the camera?

Yes, it saves the renders with camera names.

Yeah, I was thinking that was a fault in using the “bind to marker” tool… that its one lump of image files.