Something like this in Blender? (Modo Solid Sketch)

This is an example of the “solid sketch” technique as demonstrated in Modo. I’d like to do this in Blender. (Other examples of how this could speed up the creation of a base mesh can be seen on YouTube. I’ll see if I can excerpt a few seconds from a Modo training video, when I get a few moments later.)

Can this be achieved in Blender? With the evolving tools of BMesh, LoopTools, Freestyle, I don’t know if this can already be achieved, or nearly.

Please offer text instructions, or better, a screen capture.
Thank you Blender Friends.

** Upload feature isn’t working at the moment, so here is the video file:

Possibly, but it looks like a form of metaball modelling.

Yeah if you add a metaball, then you can duplicate and drag it and keep adding more. Then when you are done you can use Alt+C to convert to mesh.

Thanks, I’ll give that solution a try. This may help me form my characters quicker.

In one of the demonstrations that I saw, it kept the poly count down while still giving great form.