Something new and shocking . . . a mech

Well, got a new laptop (AMD 2800+, 60 GB, 256 RAM) and can finally use the internet again. So here’s the mech I’ve been sporadically working on. It’s man-likeness may be a bit cartoony, but I like it. Head and feet not finished.

Tell me what you think.

Oh crap. My site is acting up again.

Sorry about that. My site is inconsistent with these things. Go to instead. They are the two mislabeled pictures on the bottom.

“remote linking forbidden”
%| … Check Alltaken’s signature for free hosting 8) and let us finally see your brand new mech :wink:

I can’t see your images, try or for free image hosting.

Well, I added the link, but NOW the pictures work. Oh well.

heh, they look kl just weird lol.

Looks good, work on some textures and it will look a lot better though.