Something odd it is

Near the baptist student union at the college I’m attending I saw a sign that said:
“Wii Would Like to Pray” and I thought It was pretty cool so I posted it. Maybe there are other
unique religious signs or Wii puns out there.

At the college, you say? They’re probably just trying to be “trendy.”

Dang, I’d forgotten about the “thou shalt not be trendy” commandment :smiley: Nothing reprehensible, but you wouldn’t catch me telling that joke :smiley:

It’s an easy one to forget, something like number 28 or 29 on the list. It’s after “Thou shalt not eat with thy fingers if forks are available” but before “Thou shalt not make beer with excessive hops.” :smiley:

Oh Lord, Bless this Thy hand grenade. So that it may blowest Thine enemies into tiny bits, in Thine mercy. Amen


Or something like that.

Well if its a sin to be trendy, I’m going straight to hell.