Something odd with these planes...

Hey all,

Trying to do a ‘cop’ style intro for a friends video as an exercise whilst learning blender. However, I’m at a point where 2 planes pass each other (one is skewed, but can’t see how that’d change anything). As they go past each other there is an odd artifact (see attached pics), I’ve included the .blend for easier checking. Sorry for the stupidity all :frowning:

G&SPanel1Upload.blend (518 KB)

Please note, that even though the uploaded .blend doesn’t have the attached video, it still has the same prob. Literally, the video file is the only difference.

Thanks again for all the help, not only on this post, but the previous ones too!


The front object is casting a shadow on the back object

View from the side

In the Lamp settings you can set it to ‘No Shadow’

GENIUS! This is how I learn… I’m just sorry that you all have to put up with my…

Many thanks, Richard… again :wink: