Something seasonal/christmas

My first piece of work for a friend of mine.

i am very new to this forum and have only been readong some of the posts and am only just getting over the newbie nerves and posting.

Hope you like this one

hohohoho and a Merry Christmas to all!



Hello bespoke!

Welcome to Elysiun!

Thanks for your wishes. All the same to you.
It is a nice work you have done there for a newbie.

I was just wondering: what’s with the freemason signs on the fireplace.
(Not that I am against freemasons… I am just wondering because it is not very common to see these on a Christmas card :smiley: )



There is a freemasonry “church” near where I live and I guess I am trying to keep everyone happy :wink:


fair enough :smiley:

[gasp] That is alsolutely the most beautiful fireplace I’ve ever seen!

Anyway, that’s some very nice texturing work there. Try bump-mapping the walls, and some radiosity as well instead of a simple lamp.

TheWood, I think he actually meant “newbie” as in “new to this forum but pretty good in Blender”. No big deal…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!