Something similar to archvision rpc?

I used 3ds max in conjunction with archvsion’s plugin for rpc in my architectural viz. Having moved to my own business and consequently fallen in love with blander, i’m wondering if there’s anything like that to use with blender, or eslse what would be the best way to incorporate fake elements in the renders (that stuff which i really hate, but clients always seems to want at any cost, like cars and people and trees…). Obviously, anything besides building my own cards with alpha which is already what i am planning to do if i cannot find anything better :slight_smile:
Thanks for any and all help!

Sadly I’ve found none like it released, or in development. Such plugins like RPC, the contents themselves must be built right? I guess this is the hardest part. But there’re lot of resources providing greenscreen photograph of people. One I found is They trashing pictures they dont use. The best thing is that they com in very high resolution :smiley:


argh, didn’t read your post correctly and suggested making 2D meshes with alpha mapped images. Only telling you this because I posted and can’t find anyway to delete the post.

np…anyway from the lack of response this seems the only solution atm…